The Rance John Experience



When did you know that you wanted to be a professional barber?

"I knew that this was the profession for me in my 11th grade year of high school."


Do you specialize in anything? If so, what?

"I specialize in bridging the gap between old and new school styles, razor work, multiple fade techniques."



What advice would you give to new barbers?

 "Advice that I would give any new barber is have a plan on achieving your goals. Be at work on time, remain professional, continue to educate yourself  throughout your career, If your on any social sites take advantage of it by posting your work and showing what you have learned, and keep your page clean. You never know who is watching you."


As a business owner do you prefer renting booths or commission? Why?

"I like both booth rent and commission, and my reason for that is because you have to have the ability to be able to work with a stylist or groomer based upon where they are in there career." 

In your opinion has Youtube helped or hurt the profession?

"I believe Youtube and any social site has actually help the industry on a whole. Think about if it wasn't for any of these mediums half of the people in our industry you would not have even heard of. Now I have the ability to see and learn from my fellow barbers and add my own twist to it."

Information and photos courtesy of Rance John.

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