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Hi: My name is Erica "SHUG" Gray and I approve this message!  I am a hairdresser in progress. I have been doing hair since I was a little girl.  My mother was hardly ever in the picture as a child therefore my Grandfather raised me.  At the age of eight I picked up a straightening comb and a "hotplate" and I have been on ever since.  I was relocated to another home at the age of fourteen and at that point I was forced to do two small little girls' hair on a daily basis, which I thoroughly enjoyed. In high school I started doing my own relaxers and moved on to doing my friends hair.  In college my roommate and I braided athletes' hair to make a living. We actually had a system to help expedite the process. After college I obtained a call center job and from there I began doing other people's hair "on the side".  I continued doing hair on the side well into my insurance career. And just recently (February 2016) when becoming an underwriter didn't go as planned, I took to my roots and started doing hair full time.  In addition, I also sell personalized necklaces.  Most people from my earlier days may know me from EYE.candy Btq of Greensboro NC in which I sold costume jewelry. Because of my hectic schedule I have limited myself to just these so the answer is "NO" for those wanting to know if I will restart the business. In other news,  I enjoy what I do. Everyday is a learning experience and I will not stop until the craft has been mastered. I enjoy servicing my clients. I enjoy seeing their smile when they hop out my chair and that's what its all about. So If you ever need me you can find me "in my kitchen" in Riverdale, GA.  Thanks for allowing me to share my story and I will see you at the chair.... Best Regards,    Contact Me   Shug 678.829.SHUG (7484)

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